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I have worked with countless professionals, all who want something different from working life and desire a career transition. The coaching programmes available to you will offer time and space to work out a plan.

This programme will appeal to you if …

  • You want to start a new career, but don’t know where to start
    • It can be very overwhelming to have tons of thoughts but just can’t find a starting point. Coaching will give you exactly that – an anchored point at which to build your thoughts and ideas
  • You have a million ideas but can’t settle on one
    • When considering alternative career avenues, it can be very difficult to pick a route. Coaching will offer you an objective way of shifting out pipe dreams and focusing on a career direction that sits well with your values
  • You are moving from higher education into the workplace
    • Joining the job market during or after the pandemic will undoubtedly create more challenge. Coaching will give you the support to be clear, motivated and focused to seize opportunities
  • You are transitioning into retirement or semi-retirement
    • Leaving a career that you enjoyed for many years can be a scary prospect. The emotional and psychological implications starting retirement can be a big challenge. A coaching programme will help you engage with the transition in a more positive way and find those silver linings
  • You are Returning to work after a period away
    • If the idea of having to return to the workplace after a period of absence is filling you with dread, it may be you have mentally ‘quit’ your role and want something new. Getting some coaching support will help you get clarity and manage some of those avoidable anxieties

Helpful programmes for career transitions