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free resources to help kick start your career

Free resource is here for you!  ‘7 Steps to Kick Start your Career’.  This free resource contains exercises you can complete independently that will start your thinking process.

This booklet contains some key exercises that you can complete alone or perhaps with a friend. If you are facing a challenging situation at work, maybe you are facing redundancy, or have just had enough, these following sections can really help you sift the ‘wood from the trees’. This booklet contains lots of information including these 2 sections:

SWOT Analysis:

This is a really simple tool but often overlooked, yet enormously effectively. It gives you a starting point, by exploring the hear and now. Completing this with a colleague or friend who knows you well, can be really helpful, as we can sometimes be blind to the opportunities right in front of us.

Challenging your limiting beliefs:

The thing that holds us back most, is often ourselves. It sounds a little crass but our doubts, worries and anxieties are the things that often stop us ‘having a go’ and seeing what happens. This exercise will help you explore what exactly is holding you back, and if it’s you, then how you might start thinking differently.