Who I work with

2021 – Sales & Marketing Executive:
I reached out to Andrea when I was feeling stuck, confused and uncertain about my role and what I wanted to do in the future. Andrea helped me to work through some self-limiting beliefs and also realise what drives and motivates me. Andrea was warm and never judgemental which allowed me to be completely honest about how I was feeling. She seemed to have an incredible ability to understand and identify issues quickly, helping to externalise challenges and work through them. This then led to actionable insights that I could put into practice and really see positive results. 

  • IT Technician – facing redundancy
  • Publishing Editor – after taking redundancy, used coaching as a way to create a plan
  • Cameraman – looking to create an exit strategy into retirement
  • Veterinary Surgeon – recovering after a relationship breakdown
  • Accountant – using coaching as a strategy to reflect in order to manage emotional and mental health
  • Bristol City Council – second line manager manager in a new role needing some additional support
  • Student – working towards a masters; coaching providing focus and motivation
  • Creative film producer – using coaching to establish if a PhD is feasible
  • Artist – using coaching to provide structure to working practices
  • Small business owner – using coaching to give some ‘down time’

Here are some of the organisations who support coaching, and have commissioned me to work with their staff.

 University of Bristol, Public Sector organisation   Barclays BankCardiff Community Housing Association - CCHA  University Hospital Southampton, one of the public sector organisations I've worked with Element Recruitment  Party Packs, one of the organisations I've worked with Parragon Aviva, one of the business organisations I've worked with

Bristol Old Vic