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Get going book a programme

each session lasts 1.5 hours

I offer blocks of sessions, each consultation lasting 1.5 hours. You will be offered a personality preference profile (DiSC) to work out your natural strengths and limitations. If your employer is paying for your programme, I will meet your sponsor to agree the scope of the coaching support. Whatever your circumstances, your coaching programme will be tailored to your personal situation

Check it out – book an initial consultation

Why not try a one hour taster consultation session?

You can book an initial 1 hour consultation with me. If you live locally this could be a face to face meeting or we can use Skype. During the session I will ask you lots of questions so you can take stock and gain clarity. It’s an opportunity for you assess if I’m the right coach for you and if the ‘chemistry’ works. There is a one-off charge for this session (£30) but there are no strings attached. You are free to leave things there, or progress with a coaching program, it’s completely up to you.