The Daily Plan

The Daily Plan

Don’t bother about the end goal – have a daily plan you LOVE and enjoy the journey

As a professional coach who is serious about my field, I regularly invest in my own continued professional development. On a recent hunt around the internet I came across a reasonably high profile American coach by the name of Kevin Hogan; Danish by descent, Kevin had some interesting things to say about end goals.

He advocates not fixating on the final goal, but instead creating a broad aim. Progress is only really made by setting clear journey goals, aligning them to the broad end goal and MAKING THEM HAPPEN!

I have to say, I resonate with this sentiment. I know many successful people who were clear about the broad outcomes they wanted. When the going got tough, they kept motivated because they had a love for what they did on a daily basis.

We must enjoy the journey; otherwise, really what is the point? I came across a quote yesterday that said “a good traveller does not need a map”….interesting food for thought.