Pull Yourself Together

Pull yourself together

Have you ever felt like you are being pulled in different directions; or more to the point, different parts of you want different things? This might manifest itself in being unable to make a decision, mulling the same thoughts over and over again, or suffering from that old friend procrastination.

It’s what psychologists call ‘parts separation’ which essentially means you are experience some kind of internal conflict which is pulling you in different directions. This state of mind can sometimes play out for decades and can really get in the way of fulfilling your potential.

This issue has cropped up several times recently, but my coaching has offered clients some very useful insights into their thought patterns and habits. The work we have done has really challenged them to shake out new and different ways of thinking which has let them get on with their lives.

I truly revere my client’s humility to understand more about themselves and what might be holding them back. Getting clarity over our deep aspirations can be very liberating and helps us get in touch with who we really are.

If you feel you have some internal conflicts to address, then maybe consider giving me a ring and take advantage of some pro bono coaching.

Whatever you decide, make it a positive one!

Warmest wishes