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The Light Bulb

The Light Bulb A blog for any of you who feel you are working very hard and not getting very far. ‘The light bulb did not come about by continuous improvement of the candle’ Oren Harari A friend was talking to me recently about her role as a governor in a school. The staff were […]

The Daily Plan

The Daily Plan Don’t bother about the end goal – have a daily plan you LOVE and enjoy the journey As a professional coach who is serious about my field, I regularly invest in my own continued professional development. On a recent hunt around the internet I came across a reasonably high profile American coach […]

Who Makes The Rules

Who makes the rules? Is it time to throw away your rule book? One of the things I notice in coaching and listening to others is how we establish rules for ourselves and others around us. With an *N.L.P. background, I’ve found the language we use with ourselves, especially on a consistent basis and over […]

Sell By Date

Have your beliefs gone beyond their sell-by date? A common topic arising in my coaching sessions is around limiting self-beliefs. Most of us have an internal critic or voice which tells us how things should or must be, for instance, ‘I must always be on time’, or ‘I should deliver the perfect presentation’. When explored […]

Pull Yourself Together

Pull yourself together Have you ever felt like you are being pulled in different directions; or more to the point, different parts of you want different things? This might manifest itself in being unable to make a decision, mulling the same thoughts over and over again, or suffering from that old friend procrastination. It’s what […]


Working at the boundary – Intuition Definition: The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. synonyms: hunch, feeling, feeling in one’s bones, gut feeling, funny feeling, inkling Yesterday I attended a coaching workshop entitled ‘Working the Boundary’. It was a fascinating insight into we can create breakthrough moments and deep awareness […]

Personal Coaching Bristol

The New New Year The beginning of September signifies the beginning of the academic year, with pupils returning back to school in their shiny new shoes and pristine jumpers. The weather starts to change and our thoughts turn to our autumn and winter wardrobes and even Christmas! September can also be a time for ‘out […]